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      I had a BK 2 years ago and everything has gone pretty well so far in the credit rebuilding department.

      I have one account which could be a major problem. I had a lease with VW credit at the time of the BK which I did not reaffirm and turned the car in 1 month after the BK was discharged. Anyway VW claims I affirmed the lease and after a while sent me to some collections. They called me and I explained about the BK and they confirmed it and I never heard from them again.

      The problem is VW account on my credit report.
      1st Update
      Past Due, Balance on EX EQ and TU
      I disputed saying it should be saying IIB. It came back updated, they added a CO to the account after the BK.
      2nd Update
      Then a few months went by and EQ updated the balance and past due to 0 which increased my score by 50 points on it.
      3rd Update
      I disputed to EX and TU saying it should be IIB 0 Balance, 0 Past due. EX said they it was already investigated and wouldn’t do it again. However EQ AND TU updated to balances and past due amounts which tanked those scores by about 50 points.
      4th Update
      Then about 4 months later those balances, past due on TU and EQ updated to 0 again and my score went up again.

      Except for this account my credit report has been clean since the BK. I am afraid to dispute it again because I am worried it will update those past due balances tanking my score again.

      I am wanting to buy a house later next and worry this account is going to cause a problem. My score is about 650-660 on TU and EQ which is enough for FHA and those should only get better by this time next year. My EX is only about 590 so I am thinking if I can get this off of it it will raise 30-40 points.

      Any ideas about how to approach this would be appreciated.

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