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      I’m 26 and have been married for about 8 years.* We made A LOT of stupid financial decisions and now we’re paying for it dearly.* The only major purchase we’ve ever made to our credit was a car back in November 2006.* Between then and our payoff of the loan in March 2010, we were late on a few payments but we did pay it off.* I have a medical condition that has required numerous emergency endoscopies since 2008; some of which I was uninsured for so I have those medical bills floating around.* And we moved recently and, for whatever reason, I set up a new account for our utilities instead of transferring it and just recently got a judgment notice for $600.*
      I have 4 years to fix our nearly 8 years of mistakes.* I start school in fall and I intend to fix our credit score in the process.** Our score is in the 520s.* :smileysad:
      What I want to know is what can I do, besides pay the judgment/medical debt and pay our car payments on time?* We want to buy a house in 6-7 years.* Would opening a secured credit card under my bank at least help with establishing a revolving line of credit?* Is that a decent stepping stone?
      PS-* My goal is to get our score to AT LEAST 700, if possible, by the time i graudate.* I’m going to have 20-30k in student loans when I graduate so that is definitely not going to help me feel secure with my score any but to do better, I need to do school so…

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