Native Americans: Do you consider yourself an American?

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      I hate the term native american or american indian because it has american in it and there was no “America” in the days of my ancestors.I have never and will never consider myself an american because I don’t think we even had a choice in being called that. It’s like someone breaking into your house and changing the address number, painting the house and throwing out your things and saying “fine with that”.

      I am also against natives who fight for this country as I consider them sell-outs. I guess I feel that they just ignore our ancestors fight by helping the very ones who gave them hell— fight and kill others who might be in our same situation. It seems like the energy they spend helping them they could be helping their people. I just can’t understand why any native would fight for this country and I never will.

      Like I saw a native hawaiian woman say she felt the same. She said she does not and never will consider herself an american because she is a hawaiian and her people are hawaiians no matter what people call her land.

      So anyways, i just wanted to know from other natives

      Do you consider yourself an american? And why are why not?
      @ Sarah _ “urban bedouin” is a term. Im choctaw/navajo. When did I say that I wasn’t native. Read slower

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