Myfico still has not updated deleted collection??

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      Hi everyone, april 10 or 11th I had a collection agency agree to delete a medical collection and he told me it would take up to 72 hours for theirs to show up but the credit bureau could take up to 10 days after the 72 hours to update on my report.
      Well I pulled my report today and there still is no update, so out of curiousityI called the CA again to see if it in fact got deleted as promised…..I spoke with a different person and he was trying to find my account and said ” there is no account under your info you provided ( same info I gave first person on the 10th) “which he said ” it means that it was deleted.”
      Now, How long does it normally take for Credit bureaus to update? I keep reading different answers….I’ve read 30-45 days, some update couple days after the deletion was made, or the first of the month ugh!!!
      Anyone that recently or has had a collection deletion please give me the time frame from the date it actually was deleted to the time your Credit report update.:smileywink:
      P.S I did pay them what was owed and it was by understandble reason why the medical acount went to collection.
      Took daughter to emergency when she was sick before I got health insurance, I paid the bill but didn’t realize several other people were expecting to get paid….so one bill got lost in the confusion of too many statements…my bad.*:smileyembarrassed:

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