My SSN stolen to open account using someone else’s name

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    I just found out that someone used my SSN to open an account in another state. This person used a different set of first and middle names and my last name with my SSN. The account is now delinquent and shows up on my credit report. I’ve been denied credit (that’s how I found out about this), and if it hadn’t been for that I would have not known until next year when I get my free credit report.


    1) I didn’t know it was even possible to open accounts of any sort using an SSN that doesn’t match the name provided. How in the world did this happen?? $2870 on a cell phone or cable account in another state under someone else’s name!!

    2) I’ve submitted a dispute to the credit agency, the company in question listed on my report, a police report, the ftc. Is there anything else I must do?

    3) the company that is listed on my credit report is a collection agency. I called them and they will not give me any information because my name does not match the thief’s name…they found the account using my ssn because my name was not coming up in their system, and they still refused to give me any information. Are they correct to do this? Deny me of info when there is obvious fraudulence at stake?


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