My mum has gone MAD about my horse?!?

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      I have been riding for the last 5 years and for the last 3 I have been leasing two of the most amazing horses ever. One was an elderly New Forest gelding and eventually he was *given* to me for free but the last owner still payed for his feed and farrier, he was 35 years old so he wasn’t ridden I just went out every day to groom him and he really did become my best friend. Another is a TB x who I have been riding twice a week. Six months ago the older gelding passed away, and I could barely cope. Whenever I went there I had to fight tears, even three months later I couldn’t stop crying (I suffer depression too, and I get upset so easily). My mum has never been into horses and completely ignored me, she always said ‘how are your loan horses’ and never accepted the fact that Jigsaw, the New Forest, was mine. It didn’t bother me though. To loose a best friend just broke me after wards.

      My dad has been helping me through everything and two weeks ago he surprised me by delivering a Quarter horse mare to the stables, he bought her… For me. I called her Lola (if you are wondering about my name) and I couldn’t be happier. But when I got home and broke the news to my mum she went berserk. She broke up with my dad years ago obviously. My dad doesn’t work but he has already payed for the yearly board this year and he said he will pay for the feed, worming and farrier.

      Meanwhile my mum was screaming at me, she rang my dad telling him to sell Lola and what if anything happens. She was saying how she couldn’t believe he done this and how he can’t afford it. So now my dad isn’t answering her at all and I’m stuck here, she is nagging me to sell her. She hates me… My dad lives so far away :'(
      I don’t know what to do?

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