My apartment was flooded, while I was not there! What are my rights as a tenant in New York?

Tips and Deals Forums Home Insurance My apartment was flooded, while I was not there! What are my rights as a tenant in New York?

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    Please, I need Hilfe.Ich was gone for 5 months, while continuing to pay rent for my apartment in New York. The apartment was always running away from problems, but nothing special. Well, I returned from a long trip today and found that the house was covered with mold and all wet! My friend who was with me, she said with a hot water shower was caused. There is a small leak, but it has probably been leaking for months, and the steam from the hot water throughout the apartment she wet enough! Finally literally walls and furniture, and all wet There is mold everywhere, including the walls and floors. My clothes, my furniture, all my books were irreparable while boiling!. But also all the wood in the house is not only covered with mold, but it is distorted and twisted moisture. Wood floors are completely zerstört.Wir could not breathe there, so we opened all the windows to ventilate the area and try to stop the leak. (The super was not at home), it was not safe to stay there for a long time, and we hope that the place is good enough to be published tomorrow, so I can go back and pictures of place and then tell the super. My lease is in 3 months. I did not renew. Obviously, this is not my fault, and I think I should pay for the next 3 months rent, I can not live there now that it is uninhabitable. What are my rights here? I still have my deposit right? Yeah, I knew the leak and so was doing very well, but I always say that. Super secure and, of course, the corrections are not permanent because it happened.

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