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    I was in the same boat with Midland for a few months trying to get a deletion. They rarely PFD; however, it just depends on which rep you work with.


    Many ppl on this board paid the debt (I did this) and e-mail a GW letter to the CEO. If a PFD worked congrats; however if they will not crack pay them and then sent a GW to the CEO. This works instantly.

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    There are very good and reputable credit repair companies out there. Lexington Law is great. I’ve used them successfully in the past and very inexpensive. You can call the directly at
    1-877-517-7324 to speak to an attorney or a paralegal directly. Good luck to you !

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    Most of those credit consolidation places are SCAMS. Be sure you get a legitimate one if you decide to use one. Here is a site that can recommend a good consolidation company in your area or tell you if one that you are considering has been reported as a high risk.

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    Don’t be a fool and contract with these agencies. Why do you want to pay them to mess your credit up worse? LOL Haven’t you done any Googling on their firms? You would find a lot of pissed off people!

    If you really want to get your credit on track and pay back your debts, contact a local chapter of .

    If you pay these guys to fix something that they can’t (anything legitimate on your report will remain there regardless of what they promise you) don’t come back here complaining and wondering how you can get your money back .

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    I’ve had success with the credit repair program. Not all of them scam but you need to make sure you do your homework on these companies before spending your hard earned money.

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