Mid month CC balance reporting – when to time the payoff?

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    Just looking for advice on this.


    Today I repulled my EQ and TU FICOs, 3 months after an initial pull and after a 30 day GW from 6 years ago was granted, and a problematic tradeline full of erroneous 30 and 60 day lates from 2007 and 2008 was completely removed. The good news is that the EQ score went from 738 to 777.* The bad news is that TU score (which I didn’t pull before) is only 748, even though the two reports show the exact same data. I know the formulas are different. However, both show an 8% utilization ($571/$7000), but in the case of TU, there is a red flag that this util is too high, whereas the EQ doesn’t seem to have a problem with this. Hence, the drastic score difference, I’m assuming.


    Moving forward, I’d like some advice on how to handle my CC spending and payoffs to maintain a maximum score, because how I have been doing things as of now is not really working (apparently). My revolving credit limit is $7000, so I use my card for regular purchase, and when the balance reaches $700 (10% utilization), I pay it off to $0. So in doing this, my utilization is always reported between 1% and 10%, depending on when the report occurs, which I’ve heard is the key to a maximum score. I guess 8% is not sufficient for all agencies, though.


    How do most people do this? If I paid off after $350, ensuring no greater than a 5% util at any time, is this the key to making all 3 agencies happy?


    Any advice is appreciated…

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