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      Has anyone run into this before?* I have a payd off medical collection on my report, but a few things don’t make sense.* Please take a look at the dates I bolded; it looks like I payed it off before it was even sent to collections.* The other problem with this is that I never actually got any mail or calls from the collections agency.* I first saw it on my report and contacted them through the phone that was listed.* I then called the hospital and took care of the bill immediately.
      Also, why does it still say “Open Account” for Account Type when it’s been payed off for a few years?
      How can I get this dropped from my report?* When this first happened, I talked to the collection agency and they just flat out refused to remove it off the report, but this was a few years ago.* Should I contact the credit reporting agency (TU) directly or should I contact the collection agency?* DW letter?* Dispute based on weird dates?
      Any advice is greatly appreciated.
      Balance: $0
      Original Amount: $347
      Original Creditor: (Medical/Health Care)
      Last Payment: 06/26/2007
      Pay Status: >Account Paid in Full; was a Collection<
      Account Type: Open Account
      Responsibility: Individual Account
      Date Verified: 12/01/2008
      Date Closed: 05/01/2008
      Date Placed for Collection: 02/04/2008
      Date Paid: 06/26/2007
      Remarks: >PAID COLLECTION<
      Estimated month and year that this item will be removed: 05/2014

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