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      Ok so i desperately need the help of fellow credit junkies out there!* I am working SO hard to clean up my credit, man I wish that it were as easy to fix as it was to mess up!* Here is my delima, I have 3 accounts with MCM.* One is for $715, one is for $1182 and the last is for $1134.* I have called MCM 6 times and left 3 vm for my “account manager”* He never called me back.* When I call and ask to speak to someone else, they tell me that I can only talk to my account manager.* So today, I called for a 7th time and FINALLY got a hold him!* I asked him for PFD, yes I offered to pay the full amount.* I DID NOT admit to the debt being mine, but they have verified all 3 debts.* After getting nowhere with my account manager other than the standard 40% off that they offer everyone, I told him that since they were not willing to do PFD that I would not be able to pay.** Does anyone have any ideas on how to get a PFD for Midland Credit Management?* I would assume that for the full payment they would have been willing to do this.* I have also left a vm for the divisional manager and no response! :smileysad: This is really depressing and KILLING my credit score.* Any advise would be greatly appreciated!

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