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      Anyone who has seen my previous posts knows I”ve been doing battle with these guys for awhile now.
      I DV’d them a few months ago, which resulted in a dispute comment being placed on the account.* I paid them at the beginning of this month – just because we’re applying for a mortgage soon and I didn’t want any outstanding debt on my reports.* After I got my Paid In Full letter, which indicated that my account with them is now paid and closed, I called and asked them to also remove the dispute note.* My score dropped dramatically as soon as the comment was gone.* I know that FICO still scores a collection even if it’s disputed – which means they’re reporting as an OC (or at least not reporting as a CA).* The original OC (Credit One) agreed to delete and they’re already off my report.
      Now, LVNV has reported the account as Paid with a $0 balance – but it’s still listed as an open account, 120 Late on both TU and EQ.* Are they in violation of the FCRA by listing as an open account?
      What should I do?* They’ve been totally unwilling to do a GW delete as well…

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