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    OK, so right now I have no mortgage and only have an*”installment” account*being billed to me monthly*(car payment).* I have student loans in deferment right now and had a question for someone who might be wise on the subject:

    Since lenders look at people who manage several types of accounts (mortgage, installment, revolving, etc), should I take off one or two or three of my deferments on my 3 different student loans to try and show a more diversified report (since that would mean there are more different kinds of accounts currently being billed to me monthly that I pay on time)?* I have been sending in $100 each every month on my 3 different student loans even though they are defered just to pay down the balance but it is not being billed monthly so I don’t know how much that helps my actual credit score.

    Hope that makes sense.* Sorry if it is confusing!* Any advice you can offer would be great, thanks!

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