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    We just hired an inspector and a bank referred appraiser.* The appraised value of our house is 120K more than the king county assessed value.* The inspector gave our house a clean bill of health with some minor home improvement tips.* Curious if we should list our house at the appraised value or slightly below.*** Wonder what the houses will multiple offers are paying for with respect to the appraised value.

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    It might increase it a little bit, but not a WHOLE lot. Credit scores only go up about 3-5 points per month anyways….in the best scenarios. The settlement of the credit cards will actually bring DOWN your score for the next 7.5 years.

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    There is absolutely nothing that you can do to remove a charge off from your credit report, once it is entered the derogatory account will remain for the 7.5 year reporting period. If the accounts were charged-off most likely the debts have been sold to third party debt collectors.

    That being said in most situations a mortgage lender will require that all old debts be paid prior to approval for the loan, and a “paid charge-off” will look better than an “unpaid charge-off”.

    Pull your credit reports free once a year at and see who is reporting the accounts. This is who you must settle with. If the accounts are more than two years old, you will actually temporarily lower your score when you pay, as you are adding “new” activity to an old debt, bringing the account to current reporting status.

    Your prompt payments on your student loans will slowly increase your score.

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