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      im a small time landlord with only one detached house that i rent out.
      when i decided to let my house i changed my insurance from home buildings & contence @£195 pa to a landlords insurance buildings [email protected]£540pa.with R.S.A.
      my last tenants coursed around £2000 worth of damage to my house
      i put in a claim to the R.S.A.
      I WAS TURNED DOWN due to the fact my tenants did the damage i was told if i look in the small print im not covered against my tenants or anyone they invite into the house???
      SO why do i have and pay for a landlords insurance
      i was told most landlords insurances are the same also if you put anyone in your house that’s on benefits your not covered to.
      not that i would.
      so what are we paying for there are no benefits in having a landlords insr for us and we pay £300 more a yr.
      so if your with R.S.A read the small print you may get a shock
      i was shocked when i asked would i be covered if my tenant or anyone they invited in burnt my house down would i get payed
      and i was told NO. YOU wouldn’t get a penny
      so what are the benefits and bonuses of a landlords insrance…. NONE WHAT SO EVER,

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