Landlord tenant issue do i have anything i can do?

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    we had a stipulation agreement because we had fallen behind on the rent when mu husband lost hiS job….as soon as we could we paid the agreement off and my landlord told us that the stipulation was null and void and our lease was restored. When my husbands jobs switched payroll dates we called to inform her we would be late and she had no problem as long as we paid all late fees! When I went to pay on the 21st she refused to accept the rent (the reason why I felt is because my daughter got seriously hurt on the property and she has a injury lawsuit going since may) About 2 weeks ago we were issued a writ of possession. We were granted a stay of eviction when we provided all our proof of my daughters lawsuit and the fact that we paid off the stipulation….now I have court in the morning no attorney and no sure what happens next. She filed saying we were in violation of the agreement we paid off which in the agreement it also stated once paid the agreement was over…….. Can she evict me on that old case? What can I do? I live in Broward County Florida and also its a mobile home! Do I have any rights at all? She’s getting revenge on me for a lawsuit I had no choice to file me daughter didn’t have medical insurance at the time! Please some good advice 🙁 I have 6 kids and I get accused of everything stealing garbage cans…I own the home not the lot! Thanks everyone….

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