Landlord let people in house with no notice, MANY items stolen! WHO is responsible?

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      I asked this in another section, looking for a bit more advice, thanks in advance!!
      My sister has a horrible situation. Her landlord has listed the house she has rented for sale. She is moving out in one month, but in the interim the landlords real estate agent is coming in every day to show the place. At first, they demanded that she pack her stuff and her 3 kids and leave during these viewings, but my sister laid the law down that leaving every day, sometimes 3 times a day is impossible. Last night, she came home from work to find the real estate agent having an open house. There were 20 people milling around, some had helped themselves to items from her fridge, and one lady was using her phone. My sister called me and I came over to help her keep things together. The open house lasted till 9pm. My sister has 3 kids, one being an infant, another is 3 and she has a 5 year old who is autistic. My sister’s baby needed a feeding at 8pm, and the real estate agent requested that she not breastfeed her son in the house, but use a bottle or do it elsewhere. My sister had no idea that there was an open house last night. She was not given notice. She has paid rent until the end of October. After the last person left, I was helping her to clean up and we noticed that her IPod Touch was missing from her bedside table drawer, as was her laptop and her jewelry box. She called her landlord, the real estate agent and the police. The agent cited that she had her eyes on every person the entire time, however that was impossible as when my sister arrived home to find this, the agent was on the second floor, and there were about 10 people on the first unsupervised. Had my sister known this was to happen she could have taken precautions and locked her stuff away, but she was not given any notice. The landlord has taken the side of the agent and said that her rental insurance should cover it, which likely it wont. The police were pretty blunt in saying that the house was WIPE OPEN and it could have been anybody.
      How is this best handled? I feel that my sister should be compensated for her missing items, the times that she has been denied access to the home she has paid for, as well as her inconvenience
      My thoughts are that the landlord is responsible as well as the agent. The landlord KNEW about this open house, but nobody told my sis. Effectively, the agent and all these strangers just broke into her home….

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