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    So I am in a quandary in regards to my career direction. I am a 31 year old male, currently working as an entry level Project Analyst/Manager; my income level is a little shy of 30K. I got my current job because I have ten years of office experience and I am very Tech centric. I have always been a technology enthusiast and have my A+ Cert.

    I want to move my career forward and I find myself at a cross roads. I am looking for input from people familiar with these fields to give me some thought provoking ideas related to these two vocations.
    I am either planning on pursuing my Network+ Certification and then perhaps security+ followed by vender specific certs like Cisco; if I take the technician rout. Or I am thinking about working in this job for a few years, maybe taking some of the same certs to improve my knowledge / marketability. I am thinking about some college courses, however that route seems unrealistic to me as the point in my life I am at It would be very difficult to fit into my life and fund college, as well as the fact that I would have to be very part time and take like 7 – 10 years to get a 4 year degree. Funding wise, I have heard way to many horror stories about student loan debt. I would probably seek a PMI cert after working in the Progect management field for a few years.

    Some things I wonder are, what would my earning potential be if I take the Technician / Cisco certified route vs the Project Management Route? Which route has the most potential for Success? Any other information for me to consider?

    I do enjoy working on things and figuring them out, I like investigating things, and am pretty good at fixing PC’s, I enjoy organizing to an extent, but I get stressed easily. I hate taking notes, and while I like to organize things I have a tough time remembering details and specifics.


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