is this true? *experienced people only!*?

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      i want my hair to be permanitly DEAD STRAIGHT!

      i looked up answers on yahoo and this one came up:

      “This is what i did. Japanese straightening is good and all, but it is way too expensive. It costs hundreds of dollars i think, so just try this method. =] it should give you the same results.

      First, go to a local drugstore and go buy a home perming kit.

      Then, follow all the steps except you dont put the curlers in your hair.

      Your hair should turn from really curly to dead straight. But make sure you relaly do want straight hair, because this stuff is permanent.

      Good luck!!! =]
      personal experience”

      i want to know if this is a hoax or if this is true… please be honest i dont want to embarress myself.
      i love my hair when its straight but i cant hardly ever get it as straight as i want it… i want it litterally flat… DEAD STRAIGHT! as i said.
      so ya thank you!

      i have curly/wavy hair that is very poofy…

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