Is this true about buying houses?

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    If i wanted to buy a 300,00 dollars home I’d have to put 60,000 down.

    If I had no special “programs” that help these people who want homes. also if i didnt build it myself and get a freebie that way.-

    This person claims that if I buy a house i’d have to put down 20 percent of the homes price.

    I have quite a bit in the bank and I asked this person if this is true then you’re telling me that people have my kinda money to put down on a house?

    This person then says no- but they do it another way, or get lucky by setting up a deal with the bank where they get a cut-back.

    So what is it- if I buy a house that I didn’t build will I have to put down at least 20 percent plus lawyers fees?

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