Is this story good can you please tell me?

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    I know, It’s kind of long, Just read it ! Please.

    Wally the Amazing Elephant
    By, ***** ******* You can’t steel it because It’s mine and if you do…BEWARE

    Wally snuggled into his blanket trying to hide from the roaring wind blowing through the cracks of his crate. He was cold, hungry, tired, and miserable. He missed his mother, who was sold to the San Diego Zoo. But poor Wally had to stay with The Mike and Laura’s Circus.
    With a crash, a bang, and a jerk, the train skidded to a halt. Wally heard people yelling, pigs squealing, monkeys screeching, and doors slamming. After an hour or two everything was silent. Wally was confused; he had no idea what had just happened. Even though Wally was so scared, he managed to fall asleep, fast asleep. In fact he was so deep in sleep a bomb could’ve went off and he wouldn’t even have noticed it.
    Something soft and fluffy was tickling Wally’s foot. At first he didn’t really notice, but as he gain conciseness, he jumped up and screamed. “Whoa there big guy, don’t squash me!” Yelled a small squeaky voice. “Who said that?” asked Wally shaking all over. “Down here!” came the voice again. Wally looked down, and sitting in front of him was the most peculiar rabbit he had ever laid eyes on. He was wearing a tuxedo shirt complete with a tie, and matching the tie was an orange hat with red polka dots.
    “I’m Flea, who are you?” He asked having to look quite a far way up at Wally. “I’m Wally.” answered Wally kind of shocked. Suddenly, out of nowhere, a big black blob swings to the ground next to Flea. It took only a second for Wally to realize it was a chimpanzee.Wally backed away bumping into the wall of the crate. Sorry buddy, thought I should come swing by.” said the chimp. “Uh…What’s your name?” stammered Wally. “It’s Bananas, Wally.” He answered opening the crate door. “How do you know my name?” asked Wally in awe. “Doesn’t really matter does it? Now let’s go!” Bananas yelled picking up Flea and jumping onto Wally’s back. “Where to?” Wally asked stepping forward. “Home, of course!” Bananas and Flea yelled.
    It was getting dark, and there was still no sign of home anywhere. The ground was vast and dried up. “Hey elephant!” called a voice from above Wally. Wally lifted his exhausted head. And saw a crow. “Um we are trying to find our home!” Wally yelled up to the crow. The crow swooped to the ground and answered “Oh I see, you from the circus?” he asked nodding to the blanket resting on Wally’s back that said “Circus”. “Yes we are, and what’s your name?” Wally asked looking down at the bird. “It’s Cracker-Jack, but just call me Jack, and I can help you just follow me to the city.” And with that Jack flew into to the air, and Wally followed.
    After awhile of endless walking, Wally spotted tall building, and light. When he entered the city people were screaming, cars were stopping, and people were surrounding poor Wally and his friends.
    “Stand back people!” yelled a man holding a strange gun. Wally was terrified, and so was Bananas and Flea for they were griping his skin. He was shaking all over. Suddenly there was a loud pop and Wally felt woozy. His vision started to get blurry. Then everything went black.
    Wally was alone, and he was walking, but going nowhere. ‘Where oh where can home be” he wondered. Suddenly everything was black; he was walking through black, but not going anywhere.
    “Ahhh!” screamed Wally sitting up. He was drenched in sweat. That was his worst nightmare ever. “Now, now sweetie, I’m right here.” said the most beautiful voice ever to enter Wally’s ears. He turned around to see his beautifully amazing mother sitting in front of him. Now, Wally knew he was home.
    Well yes it is for school we used a folded piece of paper with a hat on it(My hat was orange with red polkadots) when you unfolded the paper it was totaly something else…confusing… and part of the new picture was the hat, so my random new picture was an elephant with a blancket that said Circus.

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