Is this man just trying to get information out of me and what is he planning to do with my cat?

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      So about a month ago I found a stray, I had no luck at finding the owner. All of my friends and family couldnt or didnt want the cat. So I put up a ad on petfinder saying she is free to a good home. The day after I put up the ad I get an email. From a man that wants my cat, he suppositly has a daughter and attached the picture of him and his daughter to the email. So I responded telling him more about the cat and her personality. I then asked him what city he lived in, so I know where he lives. I was assuming that he lived some-what local by me. But when he responds he tells me he lives in Baltimore, Maryland and then he goes on telling me about the shipping arrangements, and how he needs these 4 things to have my cat shipped

      1….your full name to be on the check
      2….your full contact address to send the payment to
      3….your zip code
      4.your mobile and land number to reach you.i will expect your mail asap

      And he just then called my cat mail and not your cat or sophie or even pet. He just called her mail. Then he is offering me $ 50 for her. This doesnt make any sence. First off he is looking at a cat in IL when he lives in Maryland. Second he wants me to ship the cat at his expence and pay me 50 for her when he could go to a local shelter and buy a cat for 45 and not have to pay for shipping. And if he was truely an animal lover he could know that shipping a cat somwhere that is over 12hrs by car to a person she doesnt even know is pretty much cruelty. Plus he doesnt even know how my cat acts and is. So there is NO way he is going to have me ship my cat that is cruelty for me. I was looking for someone localy. My plan for giving the cat to a home was this:
      1 they come to our house and see how the cat is at our house
      2 they go home and deside if they still want her
      3 if so they go out and get the suplies for her
      4 then we go to their house and see if this is the right home for her
      5 then we bring the cat

      Shipping in not in the plan

      So my question is do you think this guy just wants information out of us? Or plans to do something bad with my cat or what? Cause his last email made no sense
      I am going to respond to his last email and pretty much say, I thought you lived locally by me and I will not have my cat shipped. And tell him what I planned to do with the cat’s adoption (the 5 steps I showed you) and tell him he will have to look for a cat somewhere else

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