Is this fair pay for watching 2 kids?

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      I’ll try to make this short. I have 2 younger brothers, ages 7 and 3 from my mom and my step dad. I’m 25 and I have 2 kids of my own with my fiance and we live on our own. The money I’m paid to watch my brothers is my only income (aside from what my fiance makes at his job). My mom and step dad pay me $ 50 a day for an 11 hour day. My 7 year old brother is at school 7 hours out of the day so I have just one of them for 7 hours and both for the other 4 hours. Do you think $ 50 a day is fair pay? Keep in care centers and in home day care providers can charge that little because they watch a handful of kids and get paid for each child. For me, the $ 50 is all I get total because I do not watch other kids. I watch them about 3 days a week so I make about $ 600 a month and after I pay my car insurance and phone bill, I’m left with only $ 480 to last me a month (I’m only paid once a month). If you take $ 50 a day divided by 11 hours, that’s only $ 4.54 an hour for 2 kids. The going rate for watching just one child is usually more than that! So my question is, do you think that is fair pay? I’m finding it hard to make ends meet with these economic times on my income. Don’t get me fiance does his best to provide for us, but I want to have money to pay my own cell bill and car insurance and to be able to pay for my own gas and my own clothes and things like that. Is it fair for me to ask for a raise or not? I was thinking about asking them to start paying me $ 5 an hour when I have just my 3 year old brother, and $ 7 an hour when I have both of them. That’s still WAY cheap compared to the going rate for most nannies/sitters.
      I just thought I would add some details to your questions. I usually do provide all the food. I can either watch them at my house or go to my mom’s, but I usually have them come here (we live a block away from each other). And although they are my brothers, we still made an agreement that this would be my job so the fact that they’re my brothers doesn’t change the fact that this is my job and my income.
      I thought I would also add that no, they couldn’t really take them somewhere else for less because no other place would accomadate their needs. My mom gets off at different times each night. Its usually around them same time, but she’s a supervisor and my step dad is a general manager of a Chipotle so if there is work to be done, they have to stay late and my schedule is different every week. I don’t usually know which 3 days I watch them until Sunday evening. No other day care place would do that. They are much more strict about knowing the schedule and having the same pick up time each night.

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