Is there such thing as an international credit card?

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    That can convert your purchases to US Dollars?

    Because Itunes won’t except my cards.

    If I go to an international store. It sucks because other countries have better music than US.

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    Visa Mastercard and American Express can all accept transactions in any currency and put it on your bill in US dollars. If the site won’t accept your card, it’s for some other reason.

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    You don’t really need credit cards… has all of the information you will need.

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    The only way to build a high credit score is to borrow money and make payments on time. The only way to keep a high score is to keep borrowing money and keep making payments on time. All you get is debt. All a high score is good for is getting into debt.

    Go to and listen to his radio show. He has lots of great advice on money and debt. It doesn’t cost a dime to listen.

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    I’m not knocking the 2 posters before me, but they really didn’t answer your question. And to answer your question, yes, a secured credit card would DEFINITELY help your situation. You can use the secured card for 2 things. to establish new credit, and also start up an emergency fund from the deposit that you can use later on to lighten the burden on your credit cards. The best way to manage the card is to make small purchases ($ 20/max) that you can easily pay off every month. This way, you show activity that’s building credit WITHOUT going into debt. Only spend what you can afford to pay, simple as that.

    As far as the credit cards that are going to expire from your report, I’ll take it that it’s close to 7½ years, then they’ll fall off. In this case, I wouldn’t bother, unless you’re wanting to really spend the money. And even then if you plan on doing that, I would negotiate a “pay to delete”, which is a payment in exchange for removing it from the report. Since the accounts are a lot older and will stop reporting soon, you have a good chance to pay much less in exchange for removing them. I posted some links that explain this more in detail if you really want to pursue clearing them up sooner, if not just wait it out and let it take its course.

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    There is no ‘international credit card’ because essentially most credit cards can be used overseas, in theory. It’s at the discretion of the store whether they allow some types of credit cards (eg Visa, Amex). Due to different pricing, potential copyright/permissions and card acceptance some stores don’t bother with billing and shipping to overseas customers. Search for other music stores that bill and ship overseas (eg Amazon).

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