Is there such a thing as a pay as you go credit card?

Tips and Deals Forums Consumer Credit Credit Cards Is there such a thing as a pay as you go credit card?

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    Is there a card that you can keep putting money on it and use as a credit card, like for on line purchases? Or to give to a place where they want credit card info, but you don’t want to give your credit card information? Just so they will be able to know they can get their money?

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    I think so but unfortunately, i don’t know where to look for them

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    You can put a positive balance on your credit card. Just give them some extra money above what you owe, and they’ll keep it on there for your next purchases. Also, banks are now starting to make gift bank cards. You just ask to have a certain amount put on it and it works just like a debit card, but with no personal information attached. Ask your local bank and get the 411.

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    Try a debit card instead.

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    You could either try a bank/debit card, or buy those Visa gift cards. You use them like a credit card, but its actually a gift card. clever!

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    Yes….there are prepaid credit cards where you have to put the money in before you use it….but the fees are high. I would suggest a checking account with a debit/credit card…then you don’t have the charges nor need to wait as long until your deposit is credited to the card.

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    There’s the American Express Traveller’s Cheque Card but why would you want such thing? You could possibly investigate Paypal if you wanted to buy things off the the net.

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    Yes, you can buy pre-paid credit cards. I give them out for Christmas then the people can go anywhere they want to to shop. You can get them at your local CVS. And also seen them available at the malls. There usually a fee, not bad though. $100.00 card for about $105.00, $5.00 service fee.

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    There are pre-paid credit cards. They are used by some credit companies as a way of proving you are credit worthy. Check with your bank or with the next credit company that sends you that offer for a card.

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    Yes absolutely. you can find some at riteaid. i’ve also seen crdit card type gift cards by visa some are reloadable. But anyway these type of prepaid cards have fees. Also check the Babyphat website. Also if I’m not mistaken Ithink Wellsfargo has some, so you should check with your bank.

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