Is there any chance I’m still financeable?

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      I signed on a house back in July, a short sale and it is finally getting approved. Unfortunately I was laid off in the meantime. My income last year was only around $18,000 with $6000 of it being from unemployment. My employer has trouble with workload, so there’s been layoffs and call backs to the same employer. Finally got frustrated when it happened again in August because I lost out on a house deal last year because of a layoff. So, I started a new job through a temp agency, but it is a temp to hire position, they do intend to hire me. I’ve been there a month now and I’m making more than I was making before and a lot more hours. They’ve also never had a layoff so my troubles with that should be over and it’s the same trade, welding. I have $1600 on one credit card, no other debt, no late payments and my credit score is about 740. At least, last time I checked. I can’t think of anything that would have changed that.


      My bank account still has about $2900 in it and is going up rapidly with the crazy overtime at this place.


      The house is only $46,500.


      I was preapproved before I signed on the house, but the place I was preapproved with has misplaced my whole file. This is in the state of Florida, house is in a USDA area.

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