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      …without checking your credit score? I’m not quite ready to purchase a house. I would like to know what I would pay each month on a home that is approx. $250,000. My credit is fair-good. My state is Virginia and I live 10 blocks from the ocean and would like to stay in my area. I don’t want to run the credit check in case that lowers my credit score. Is there anyway to find out APPROX. what I would pay??
      Thank you to everyone who answered.

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      if you go to one of the real estate company’s websites such as Coldwell Banker or RE/MAX they usually have a way to calculate what you’re monthly mortgage payment will be based on your down payment.

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      Inactive see the payment
      on yor loan today 7% to 9% on time it will go up. some have low
      but you need a fico of 750 up to get 6.5% or a arm loan.

      my site

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      You can pull your own credit report from any of the major companies (order a tri-merge). This number will probably vary a bit from the commercial numbers, but it can give you an idea, anyway. Armed with your number, you can get quotes from various companies, although nothing will be locked in and the rates may go up.

      You can use an online calculator to check with varying interest rates or, among others.)

      Best wishes.

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      I don’t have experience with them in Texas, but I do in NYS. I can tell you that they are a well rated and trustworthy company. Most of the major carriers have excellent online and 800 # systems for their insured’s nowadays. You’ll find that most everything you are used to doing with your agent can be done over the phone or online.
      If you are very uncomfortable not having a specific rep you can always use one from anywhere in Texas and at least build an over the phone relationship with them.
      As far as claims and rate changes Amica is on the same level as your State Farms and Allstate’s. I would go for the best price in this situation.
      good luck

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      I have experience with Amica in Massachusetts, but now live in Texas, does that count?

      Amica is a direct writer. They HAVE no agents, they USE no agents, the people who give you the quotes, are direct employees.

      Amica does a fine job. They’re also very fast to cancel you if you have claims.

      The BIG thing to worry about here in TX, is COVERAGE. Are they quoting you an HOA or a HOB? Do you know the difference between those two forms?

      It’s VERY VERY easy in TX to seriously lowball the quotes, if you’re quoting an HOA against everyone else’s HOB form. To make it more complicated, Amica Lloyds has their own HO3 and HO5 version forms they use here, and Allstate ALSO has their own forms.

      You REALLY need to compare coverages, before you can sit down and compare pricing.

      Me, I’m in Houston, and MY homeowners is with State Farm. It’s the MOST EXPENSIVE, when I shop it out every three years. So why do I keep it? No, I’m not now, and never have been, a State Farm Agent. It’s just I can’t get better COVERAGE from anyone else. AND, I have a “nonrenewal guarantee” on my policy.

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      yeah you need to finda morgage calculator which is on most realitor web site and you can put the amout of intresta nd down payment to see what it would cost with different aspects.

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