Is the economy slump affecting you in this way?

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      So I was single mother of one, working for the government and making good money for several years. I had a car, good credit, and was on my way to buying a home. I lost my job last July. I went from July to December getting by on the money I had saved up, all the while applying for other jobs and finding nothing. I finally found a job in December at Walmart making $ 8 an hour. Since then, I notice that people treat you differently. Like when customers talk to me it’s like they have a lack of respect just because of your occupation. I have also encountered problems with my daughter. She was accustomed to a certain life style. She was never spoiled, but some days we are struggling to make ends meet and and my credit score has gone in the toilet. I feel like a failure sometimes with all of this. At work I am over worked, underpaid and constantly disrespected, and then I come home and my daughters mad because her clothes are too small and she doesn’t understand why I can only afford clothes from the thrift store. Meanwhile, I am always applying for other positions and hoping. Any advice is appreciated please no sarcasm.

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