Is deleting a CO just an urban myth?

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      I am currently working with Lexington Law (which I’m gonna stop pretty soon but that’s not the point) I am considering going at trying to remove my CO on my own but everything I read suggests this is just not possible. I have 3 CO, and two collections stemming from the COs. Has anyone ever succesfully had one of these things removed??? I’m starting to think I should just crawl into a hole and wait an additional 3 years for this to just drop off. Sure you can dispute anything but with a CO does it EVER work!? My collections were easy to get knocked off because they’re all just a bunch of gate trolls looking to make a buck who can’t varify anything, but if I didn’t have the CO then the collections wouldn’t even be an issue. And the collections always weasel their way back on.
      Is there anyone who’s beat this monster without waiting 7.5 years? (Yes I know it’s all my fault, but it’s no like we reward people for paying their CO debts. If I could pay this off tomorrow and know it would just go away I would, but that’s not how it works-unless it’s a pay for delete which is an even bigger myth I hear)*Is there some magic*varification letter written by the credit Apostles in Heaven that I could use to get this knocked off once and for all?


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