iphone and apple, what a ripoff?

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    In nov I bought a iphone to text with my two teenage kids, it was very temp sensitive with the touch screen , sometimes it locks up,about a week ago , people have a hard time Herring me, so i took it to APPLE!!, They said te phone should be replaced, but wait? oh my warranty, ok i did buy the warranty but wait, on apple Iphone and ETC what they did was put a water Sensor by the plug in to charge the phone and one other one, mine was pink by the charger plug in the other one was white, so they wanted 400 hundred dollars from me, called apple , was told it happens but they can’t do nothing about it, rules but I could have a used one for 300 hundred dollars, also as this is not my first cell phone, what apple did was put a water Sensor in the open , so if you took a shower and it was in the bathroom it would turn the white tab pink on you, if it on your dash of your car and your Windows fog up its going to void you warranty, my cell still works but i’m wondering how many of your iphone ETC that never were wet have there variety void over everyday use, also I was told by apple, to use my credit card insurance or homeowners , to replace the phone, one i have to lie then, its not anyone Else fault apple put that Sensor where they did, any other cell its inside te phone, please look at what you have and see where you stand!!!! APPLE number is 800 694-7466

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