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      I just had to say thanks and share…


      My husband and I officially applied for pre-approval on Monday (yay!) and the information I gained on this board (and the Rebuilding Your Credit board) has been absolutely invaluable in making the process smooth and easy. First of all, my credit scores are at now approvable. Second, I*think my LO was actually a little creeped out by how much I knew and how informed I was, haha But he was also extremely impressed! He also said that my letter of explanation for my student loan issues was the best he had ever read


      The loan will officially be submitted to underwriting tomorrow and we should have an official decision on pre-approval in 5-7 days. There’s definitely a chance that we could be denied (darm SLs!!) but I’m optimistic and hopeful. It’s stressful waiting, but also very exciting!!

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