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      My credit score is currently 612. A little over a year ago my home was about to get foreclosed however I was able to save it so I have “foreclosure” on my credit. I’ve been late a few times on my car payments and credit cards as well but within the past year I haven’t been late on any of my bills. All my credit cards are paid off and no more financial difficulties as everything is being paid on time. My car will be paid off in 4 months and I only have one credit card, a mortgage, and student loans. My credit score jumped down to as low as 475 but I got it back up to 612 in 1 year.

      My wife has almost perfect credit at 770 score. We share a joint checking account together. She has a credit card account with with our bank at a very high credit limit however we pay it off every month on any purchases we make. I have a credit card however the credit limit is only $300. I believe my wife credit limit on her credit card is 16,000.

      Her and I have discussed adding me to her credit account. My question – can I do this? I’m looking to increase my score and I feel if I had a bigger credit limit showing where we pay it off every month would drastically improve my credit score. My current credit card where I have the $300 limit I have never missed a payment as I opened this last year to also help establish a better credit score. Any assistance with this would be very grateful.

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