I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take it anymore…?

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    First of all, I would like to start out by saying that I am being phucked up the old poop chute by my car insurance company.

    Question #1: Am I the only one who thinks it’s ludicrous that insurance companies are now using your credit report to calculate your rates instead of using, oh, I don’t know…YOUR DRIVING RECORD! I have never had an accident or any major let alone minor traffic violations in the history of my licensure (if that’s a word; it must be because the spell checker didn’t pop up). I have been driving for almost twenty years. I was paying about $ 75 a month for the last four years with the company and now it has just gone up to $ 110 based strictly on information in my credit report. An insurance company told me flat out that they do this because in their experience bad (or in my case, mostly nonexistent) credit equals bad driving. WTF?! Yeah, I have proven that theory with flying colors *pause while I bang my head against my keyboard* Ok, now that I have gotten that rant out of the way…

    Question #2: Does anyone know of a way that I can regain and keep my good insurance rates short of taking on more credit, and subsequently, debt? I have shopped around for quotes, but they all tell me the same thing. Is it hopeless? Should I just go out and buy some more KY Jelly with which to tolerate some more of this here screwing?
    My only debt is my car loan and one credit card, and I can’t build much credit because I keep getting the you-don’t-have-enough-credit-history excuse, and my lack of credit history is part of the reason the car insurance companies can jack up my prices. It’s pretty much a no-win situation. I guess they aren’t making much money from us no accident folks so they have to come up with another way to screw us out of some dough.
    It’s still not fair that they blame everyone for the few people who make a lot of claims trying to get money out of the insurance companies.

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