I'm fustrated with some friends who did some flakey stuff, I'm pretty mad, what is a good

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    ok so I just moved to a new town with my son and his dad. A good friend of mine has been really really helpful. They started this yoga dance studio co-op and I helped out with some stuff for them to get started. I’m building a website for a fraction of what I would charge normally. I did start a real carer job, with a good company, so I cannot attend their meetings. I was very encouraged to bring my style of dance out for show. for me to host classes and all I would have to buy into the co-op, which I’m willing to do once I get going. But I was highy encourged to get this certain equipment we needed. I bought the stuff we needed, and now they are saying that they don’t know if I can do it because of liability insurance. It wasn’t a class it was just for fun in a private setting. I ‘m pissed because they are so flaked out, they should of said anything before I spent the money. I kepted double checking with them to make sure everything was good. one lady was really excited so I purchased the equipment fast so she could do it before going out of town for 3 months.
    another problem is that I am building their website, they have been really really slow and getting back to me, getting me info, payment, which is fine, but I will be slow and be more active with my higher paying projects. I was further pissed because they put a 2 week deadline just after I had to wait a month to get paid for previous work. My computer is acting up, and I had to fix it, I had issues at home with my child’s pre school being canceled at the last minute for summer… stuff. I think that they are being flakes and inconsiderate. not returning my email or anything
    How do I poliety make them aware of this, without being mean, or doing something wrong. I would like to do this without making a big deal, I don’t want to even do their website now, or help with the logo, or other business related stuff since I have to work, and they can be lost in hippie land…anyways I’m just fustrated…

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