I'm finding it impossible to get out of debt…?

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    I have a good job, but my bills seem to be more than my paycheck. I have student loans to pay on, and bills that my ex husband helped me run up. Does anyone have some sort of solution to help me get out of this problem. I don’t want to file for bankrupcy, and I don’t trust debt consolidation places. I’ve talked to the collection agencies and all, and they are working with me the best they can, but they can only help so much…they need their money. Please! Any advice?
    Also, I have no car to sell, I don’t drink, smoke, ect. so there are no luxuries. Literally, I get my paycheck, pay bills, go grocery shopping, and buy baby stuff, then, I’m flat ass broke until next payday.
    Because I don’t have any reciepts from when I was married to my ex, I can’t get any kind of payment from him. I know, I tried.

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