I'm being sued by a debt collector… What's going to happen?

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    A law office is suing me for $ 2675 that I owe to Chase. When I was 19, I foolishly took out a bunch of credit cards that I continued to rack up after I lost my job.. Eventually I couldn’t pay any of them, so I got on a debt management plan. Pretty soon this became too much of a burden as well (I am a single mother with a low paying job).

    When I stopped making payments I was not aware I would get sued, I only thought it would harm my credit card rating. I just figured I could eventually pay them back when my financial situation improves… So I ignore the phone calls and mail.

    Yesterday I just so happened to be sorting through a pile of older mail when I saw a letter from a law office… The letter was dated April 26th, and the collector claims that if I did not respond within 12 days they would sue me. It’s been over a month since the letter arrived, and today the post office tried to deliver a message from the clerk of courts, but I wasn’t there to sign for it.

    Any information on the process or what action I should take now would be helpful. I have severe anxiety and if I have to go to court, which is a panic attack in itself, I would like to expect so I can mentally prepare myself. I know it’s probably too late for me to fix this, but any words of wisdom concerning the situation would be greatly appreciated.

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