Im 19 years old and I need to rent a room,?

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      Hello everyone. First I would like to say thank you for looking at my question. I am 19, I have a part time job and the hours vary from 15 – 27 hours a week. Rate of pay is 9.25. I will be getting another part time job as well. That way I may be working 40 hours a week if not maybe a little less. I am looking for a room for rent in Chicago, IL. I have no criminal record, no misdemeanors, or anything like that. I don’t party, I don’t drink alcohol of any kind, I do not smoke, and I am usually always busy with school work, work, or with church. I do not know my credit score. I do have a credit card with Capital One. It is not MAXED out but I do owe some money.. Nothing that I cannot pay off immediately. I am a student in a city college in Chicago. I receive financial aid, it covers all my school expenses so the money that I make goes toward gas, food, and church. I have a 4.0 GPA. I was wondering what amount of rent should I be looking for, also I was wondering if there is any kind of government help for a student like me. I was thinking about dorming at a school, like UIC, but the costs for that is unknown to me. If any one has nay advice or even some references for me I would greatly appreciate it. If any more details are needed please just let me know. Thank You again. I also wanted to add a side question. How would I go about renting a room? Would I have to know someone or would I have to ask a random landlord?
      Also additional is that I have worked at a Bank for a little over 2 years before this job now, I was not fired I voluntarily quit.
      As for those who actually answered the question thank you very much. The credit card is not in negative standing, as for Horse- very NOT funny, and henry hawk, not very helpful.

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