If someone's dogs kill my cat, does their homeowners insurance cover it?

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      Our neighbors 3 dogs attacked our cat and 2 other small dogs this weekend. All 3 animals were in their own yard and there were several witnesses to this in the neighborood. Unfortunately, our cat died yesterday afternoon and we are deeply devastated. Not only have we lost our pet, we have $ 958 in medical bills. The neighbors have offered to pay but, they are more than likely not going to since they have 2 other animals vet bills as well. After speakin with the other 2 neighbors about their pets, they are roughly looking at over $ 2800 from the 3 animals that their dogs attacked. I have tried to read online about homeowners insurance covering this and can only find discussions on the fact if you own certain breeds that your insurance will not write your homeowners policy. Does anyone know if their homeowners insurance would cover this issue or have advice on the best way to pursue this issue?
      I am adding this detail to the posting as many of you have asked if this has been done. One of our neighbors did call animal control and 2 of the 3 were taken. The 3rd one was still running wild and could not be found. Yesterday afternoon our neighbor noticed that the dog was now in their owners back yard in the fence. We called animal control and they advised that there was nothing more they could do on the 3rd one? We were puzzled and didn’t ask anymore questions just assuming he was going on a law. We took the receipts to the owners and they told us that the other 2 dogs were going to be placed on a farm instead of being put down/ This is very frustrating knowing they they make gang up on animals there as well. I understand their pain as well being that they are their pets but it just doesn’t seem right to put them back in another potential situation of attaching other animals and that the 3rd dog is still in the neighborhood. Thanks to all responses and condolences.

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