If my apartment caught on fire who would pay for damages to personal property?

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      I’m a college student who lives with 3 other roommates and our neighbors upstairs have had 2 grease fires within 3 weeks. I’ve been concerned about this because obviously, being the second time, our neighbors don’t know how to operate a stove top. I’m leaving to visit my family for the second half of the summer and I’m not especially afraid of this happening but I am concerned. I understand that in most cases people would depend on their insurance to handle the situation but since about 90% of the people living here are college students of approximately 18-23 years of age who most likely cannot afford insurance, including myself, who would cover my losses?
      Take in mind that these apartments are not school property, they are managed by a company who specifically advertise to students. Our school doesn’t have any campus living quarters but most of the students live here since it’s conveniently located across the street.

      To the point:
      If a fire, flood, or anything related happened while I am gone is it still my responsibility to have insurance to cover the damage? (Electronics, furniture, school supplies)

      Would the property managers insurance cover it?
      Could my parents insurance cover my school living?

      If jurisdiction applies, I live in Florida.

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