If I use the Southwest Rapid Reward Visa credit card to purchase a SW flight,

Tips and Deals Forums Consumer Credit Credit Cards If I use the Southwest Rapid Reward Visa credit card to purchase a SW flight,

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      does it provide me any benefit? I have a Southwest Rapid Reward Visa credit card and I believe that for every $1,200 I spend on it I get one flight credit. 16 credits earn a rapid reward voucher.

      If I use it to pay for a Southwest flight, do I get bonus credits or any other incentive? or is it just like any other purchase I make?

      Does it matter if I book the flight online or over the phone?

      Are there better mileage/incentive credit cards that I should use? This one was free for the first year but now charges me an annual fee of $59 I believe.

      I probably charge enough to earn a flight every two years (8 credits per year) plus I fly Southwest two to three times per year so I end up earning almost one Rapid Reward voucher per year. On eBay and Craigslist these vouchers sell for about $300 each.

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      hahahahahhaha omg im laughing so hard at you right now lol

      there isnt a way to fix it xD

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      GET OWNED!

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      I’ve experienced the same problem – I’ve just started my 11th Season with Manchester United and I was 2.6Billion to the good and I started the new season 2.1B in debt.
      I have not lost a single game in the 11 seasons and thusly won all trophies. I don’t know why the glitch occurs but there is no known way to fix it that I have found.
      11 seasons wasted as I can no longer buy talent.
      I think maybe you can work the debt down – I got 800M for finishing the 9th season so maybe by season 15 I’ll be in positive funds again – but maybe it’s not a glitch.
      FIFA may have put this into the game as a true life experience of a take-over which leads the club into debt and see how the player can transverse this.
      Whatever the reason, it’s lame and I hate it. I may go over to PES next year, FIFA 10 is annoyingly stupid, you get yellow cards for nothing and the opposition hack the hell out of you in the area and you they don’t get anything, just a pat on the back from the ref.
      But yeah I don’t want to switch from FIFA and maybe all these stupid errors will be corrected for FIFA 11 :/

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