If I have settled a debt after it was turned to collections, can it be

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    not enough info….two loans? 1st and 2nd? home equity etc. unless there is equity in the home that you can access, the only option is a personal loan unless you sell the house and have it deeded in both names…a reverse mort might be an option, however, that is usually only avail to seniors…..you could do a promissory note and use purchase money mort as a way to have the one party buy even amounts…ask a real estate atty

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    removed from my credit report? The collection agency assured me that I could use the settlement letter to send to the 3 credit reporting agencies, and that it would be removed? Is this true? What places should I contact first?

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    Since you did not negotiate a “pay for delete” agreement with the creditor before settling, it will most likely be marked as “settled”.

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    Total Debt Solutions and their affiliates offer many solutions from formal and affordable credit repair to tradeline programs. They also specialize in debt settlement to get you out for less on past due bills. Check out the source website and their free evaluation form for more info. Good luck.

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    It can only be removed after 7 years. You’ve been had by the collection agency – all they want is their money!

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