If god rewards people for good choices regarding "free will" and

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    punishes them for bad choices…then what did children in pediatric burn units do to deserve their punishments?
    Wow, kj7gs….aren’t we a ray of sunshine. You are a perfect example of why I believe religious nuts are the most violent and hate-filled people in the world.

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    If you believe that man stands innocent before God until proven guilty, then you definitely have a dilemma here. Hollywood and generally our legal system supports that viewpoint, but the Bible doesn’t tell us that man is innocent and merits heaven. God owes us nothing. Is being burned a punishment from God? No, but neither do we deserve life on a silver platter with our own little halo and cloud reserved for us at death. I think the book of Job tells us that loudly enough after he had your same complaint.

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    it says rather quite clearly in the scriptures that God created good and evil……there is a purpose for everything that happens……we don’t have a so called free will……God’s will is being done on earth as it is in heaven. There are so many scriptures that speak of these things. you can find answers about these subjects online through scholars or through the bible. I really wouldn’t suggest asking people here because most people don’t really know the truth….good luck

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    I have been wondering that myself… since God is omnipotent and omniscient, and EVERYTHING is said to be under his will… then why is it only Good things are attributed to him and Bad things always have an obscure excuse to it?

    HE is supposed to be Flawless, Faultless and Fearless… why not own up and say … “yeah its my will, live with it.”

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    I’m not sure being burned is a punishment. I think that’s just life. People have accidents, are murdered, and commit crimes. I don’t blame God for that. I’m curious why you do. How do you have free will if God interferes? Why is everything “bad” blamed on God? What if the child’s parents weren’t watching that child and s/he was burned? Is that God’s fault?

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    The answer is quite simple. God doesn’t exist. Once people can actually grasp this reality, rather than throw all logic and reasoning out the window and buy into the fairy tale, the world will become a much better place in which to live.

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    I think that is so stupid. but they do it anyway. i know some insurance’s will raise your insurance for having one of those “high-risk” dogs. My aunt was trying to get new auto insurance and she was talking with her homeowners inc. to see if it would be cheaper if it was all in one. they asked her if she had a dog. its a doberman- coon hound mix. just for having the doberman in this dog her rates went up. this was recent and she had the dog for 4 years with out a problem. i would suggest not telling them what kind of dog your getting. or say you don’t know what kind it is.

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