I want to stop smoking, but I have a friend who smokes who is?

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      telling me I shouldn’t quit. I told him my reasons for wanting to quit, like it’s too cold to go outside at work to smoke, and at home I quit smoking inside when I got my kitten a couple months ago and I want to save money. He tells me at work, to smoke in the bathroom. If I was caught smoking in the bathroom I would not only be fired, but given a nice fine due to a smoking ban that says no smoking in public buildings. At home, he tells me to smoke inside that he smoked around a cat before and the cat was fine. I don’t feel that my cats life should be at risk due to my bad habit. And as far as the saving money thing, he tells me to roll my own. It is cheaper, but still cost a lot of money, and my health insurance I pay for privatley is much higher due to the fact I smoke.

      I’m going to stop regardless of what he says. I tell him he may enjoy smoking, and he may continue to do so, but I need to stop. He doesn’t think I should. It makes it a little discouraging trying to give up something so hard, when you have someone trying to tell you that you’re making a bad decision.

      Why in the world would someone not encourage another person to stop smoking? Is there some reason that someone would think someone giving up cigarettes is bad? Even other friends who smoke tell me it’s a good idea to try and quit.

      I was young when I started, and regret it everyday. I know it was a very stupid decision so please don’t say anything like well you should have never started.

      Thanks guys. I really appreciate you’re positive answers

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