I want to sell a house. How do real estate agents work?

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      Specifically, what fees (typically) do they charge, what do I need to look out for, what should I ask for?

      Can I ‘interview’ a few agents before going with one (at what point are you ‘committed’? What should be the determining factor? I see ads for discounted agents as well as ‘full-service’ agents. I assume they charge more but are they worth it?

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      The best? Yourself!
      Others will either take money from you, or put their foot into every aspect of your life. Or both!
      If you have serious debt problems, try to cut expenses (Debt Management Serfices will take more of what you already don’t have.) Cut out eveything you can do without: cigarettes, beer, coffee, newspaper, video rentals. Cancel all subscriptions, etc.
      My brother paid for cable services: I told him, if you want to rent a video, rent it, don’t pay a monthly fee to watch. You can even borrow from the library for little or nothing. Same with magazine subscriptions.
      Make yourself a balance sheet:
      What you own vs. what you owe.

      And an income statement:
      Your income vs. your expenses.

      Do this carefully and you probably can see your way out.
      It takes determination, but you can do it.

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      Uunfortunately they just take more of your money. They are not non-profit. The best debt management firm is you. If you go to one of those places they will just have you make out a budget and a payment plan which you can do for yourself. There are plenty of places on the web free that will show you how to manage your money. You need to set a budget and pay yourself to increase savings. The hard part is that whole process is not very fun and time consuming but if you take the time to do it, it is very rewarding personally. You have to take the time to do it yourself. then you get to thank yourself for it

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      the best one is… you!

      most are scams, don’t waste your time or money… fix the debt/money problems yourself…

      even if they did work, don’t pay someone to do an important skill you should really learn how to do yourself. 🙂

      1. get on a plan. get current with all your creditors. Get on a written plan (a spending plan).

      2. follow the baby steps.

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      Careone it is a non-profit that charges a monthly maintenace fee of $ 30 if you can afford it. It greatly reduce my sister’s interest rates or go to your bank and ask for a debt consolidation loan. If you have been banking at that bank for a number of years, you are APPROVED.

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