i want to buy a house that costs $200000 i have $70000 for the down payment.how

Tips and Deals Forums Buying Your Home i want to buy a house that costs $200000 i have $70000 for the down payment.how

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    much would the mortgage be? i want to buy a house that costs $200000 i have $70000 for the down payment.how much would the mortgage be?

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    Google has a nortgage calulator

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    Go to google in do a search for “mortgage calculator” and about a zillion websites come up.

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    Sounds like it would be $130,000.

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    I answered this question for you under a different category.

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    couldnt tell you for sure unless you know what your interest rate will be and how long the life of the loan will be.

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    more debt! lol

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    I’m getting tired of seeing this same question posted multiple times…:( One time is sufficient rather than posting this same question ten times.

    No firm can “repair” accurate negative information other than requesting validation and hoping that the credit bureaus cannot validate the debt.

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    It depends upon the company, but most will help you dispute errors on your credit report, usually with the help of contracted or on-staff attorneys.

    They may also offer counseling (i.e. what debts to make a priority, what will show up on your credit report and for how long, etc.).

    It’s true that you can’t literally “repair” your credit right then and there if no error was made in the first place. However, you can learn the laws about debt, how to obtain credit reports, where to start over again by *rebuilding* credit, etc., etc.

    Good luck!

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    It is a bunch of crooks trying to remove you from your money. They claim they can remove bad ratings and all kinds of crap and it is all untrue. Anything you are able to do such as get accounts older than 10 years old off your account you can do yourself. They can’t make your credit record any better by removing things that are legally allowed to be there such as collection activity, ratings, etc.

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    You may receive an offer from a company that claims it can fix your bad credit rating. The truth is if the credit bureaus have accurate information, there’s nothing you or anyone else can do to quickly improve your score if you haven’t managed your debts well in the past. (The only way to influence your score is to start managing your debt wisely.) And if there are errors in your file, you can contact the bureaus directly — you don’t need to pay someone else to do it. The three major bureaus have instructions on how to do this on their Web sites.

    So in summation it means, they take your money and in the long run do really nothing. They will however lower your score even more by letting debts go to collections to negotiate a lower settlement which saves you money but hurts your score. Also creditors do not have to accept their offers or even deal with them.

    Do it yourself, it just takes time and good credit ethics.

    Hope this answers your question

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