I need your opinon please ladies!?

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      My husband and I are expecting our first child next spring and unfortunately I am unemployed. I have been considering becoming a ‘consultant’ for one of those Home Party-Direct Sales companies. Taking the current economic climate into consideration I feel that the best company to invest in would be Tastefully Simple. It is a gourmet food company that offers its customers very tasty, easy to prepare meals, as well as spices and other food helpers at an affordable price.

      My question is would you be willing to spend $ 20-$ 40 at one of these parties? Also, would you be interested in having your own party where you would be able to ‘earn’ freebies and discounts on the product just by having a few friends over for snacks and conversation?

      Thanks Everyone!

      P.S. I know this has NOTHING to do with pregnancy, but I figured you are all successful family women and the exact ‘audience’ I would be targeting if I decided to invest in this company. Who better to ask then right? :o)
      Punkmomie: I didn’t even THINK of the holiday season being right around the corner! Yeah, great point. Thanks!

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