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      Ok, so I’m 16. My gift and curse. I’m graduating in June and will get my AA soon after because of a lot of dual enrollmemt classes that I’ve taken. I’ve already been accepted to a university (USFlorida) for the fall.

      I was originally going into premed to be a psychiatrist but after learning that as a med student I’ll have to deal with cadavers and surgeries, I’ve decided against it.

      I wouldn’t mind being a lawyer, but everyone says that it’s overflooded because EVERYBODY is getting into law school. PLUS, the debt trumps the starting pay.

      For the sake of staying in the vein of psychology, I was thinking about getting a Psy.D in psychology to be a clinical psychologist. BUT with all that schooling, I see that they only make a median of 50k-70k.

      When I was younger, I wanted to be a journalist or have a career with anything in writing. BUT nowadays, that field has seemed to lose job security. When it comes to “anything in writing” I don’t know a lot of careers like that except for…..business.

      Business is also something I’m interested in because of its writing intensive-ness. I like that the field allows one to have room to climb the ladder. It would also be great to get skills that will allow me to start my own business one day. Being a management consultant would be my absolute goal. BUT they say that it’s overflooded as well and that the job security is iffy.

      so overall, as you can see, I’m LOST. Because I’m young but took so many classes, I don’t really have experience or time to explore other options. Money is important to me and so is job security. I’m mostly right-brained and would like to use that portion to excel in school. I really need help in deciding and exploring new options when it comes to majors and careers. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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