i just learned the existence of howdah pistols, I'm wondering how cool would they be for HD use

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      a Howdah pistol is a double barrel large bore muzzle loading blackpowder pistol, usually in .50, .58 or 20 gauge caliber. I found Cabela’s selling a 20 gauge Howdah, I’m just wondering how cool would it be to dual wield two of those in Home Defense use? 4 loads of 20 gauge at your finger tips.
      also, anyone know where I might be able to find a 20 gauge howdah for less? and what’s the recoil like to shoot a 20 gauge howdah? are there 12 gauge howdah pistols?

      *note: these are antique pistols, they are not the same as a modern shot caliber handgun, like the Serbu Super Shorty. blackpowder loads are considerably weaker than modern smokeless loads.
      toad: hey! some guns are just fun to shoot. there are a few guns I buy just because they are fun to shoot. or cool to have.
      I’m not afraid of recoil either. I’ve shot some pretty heavy recoiling “toys” like the Serbu Super Shorty, I doubt a 20 gauge blackpowder pistol can even come close to a Serbu in terms of recoil.
      its just that recoil is in handguns really messes up my aim. I develop flinching and some degree of trigger mashing. I was just fantasizing how cool it’ll be to have two 20 gauge howdah pistols lying around to use instead.

      Before learning that there are real double barrel large bore pistols, I’ve always just assumed there were another invention of the movies for pirate flicks or something. Didn’t think there those were for real. I haven’t wandered into black powder guns yet. don’t really know much about them either.

      xscout: using airsoft BBs- I made a couple dozen shells for my 20 gauge shotgun that uses .12 gram airsoft BBs. non lethal but real nasty. I’ve also fou

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