I had seen a TV advertisement about buying houses for like 900 or less. Is this

Tips and Deals Forums Buying Your Home I had seen a TV advertisement about buying houses for like 900 or less. Is this

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    true or this another bogus ad? I am interested to invest a house for me and others,if its worth to invest.I would like to get some input on this product,before I make a wrong move.

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    This ad is more interested in selling you a book or class than it is based in the reality of you getting a house at $900.
    I’ve studied a good deal about tax sales, and it usually takes considerable research to know what you are doing. It requires learning to read public records and determine what kind of property it is.. they will try to sell water retention ponds, swampland, former crackhouses, etc at these sales. From the good deal of time I watched the sales, I’ve yet to see a house go for $900. Land.. yes, house..no.

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    if you can fix it yourself and take it out of your monthly rent or send him the bill go to your local department of human services and apply for any benefits that you need to help you good luck and take care

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    while i agree that you should not have to live in these conditions, paying rent for a utility that you are not getting, there are people in other countries even in your own that have no homes at all. they have no definate food or a place to shower.

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    Infomercials like the one you saw never tell the whole story. Yes, some people buy houses through property tax sales and other sales for $900. However, how good is the house? Does it need a new foundation, roof, a complete rebuild due to termites? And what else is wrong with it?

    Don’t get me wrong, I am sure sometimes people get lucky and get a great deal, but it is extremely unlikely that you will buy your first house for $900. Maybe after 10 or 20 years of trying you might get lucky.

    What I would do is run a Google search for this infomercial. You will likely find alot of information on why this offer is a scam.

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