…i do not have craigs list account, but need to sell cats?

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      Hello, i do not have a craigs list account but i have several cats i need to sell, i need the money and they are allover the damn neighborhood. the freaky woman across the street keeps feding them and they aren’t even hers..they are stray cats..no owners and very feral. they don’t even go to tard woman feeding them. i have let dogs loose on them and shot at them, but nothing ever seems to work.. they breed like cockroaches in my backwoods. i have left “treats” for them loaded w/ poisionous chemicals and they are smart enought to saty away..however i have found several dead raccoons and squirells around my house. i live in birmingham AL, i fyou are in the area and would like to purchase these cats please leave a coment saying so..i will get back to you. they are $ 5.00 a cat..alot of greys some calico and a few black ones. ..please accpt these poor cute lil kitties into your home under love and care.. i would hate to trap them and bring out a woodchipper the right size for a small animal liike a cat. ..it would dissapoint me to know there are’nt any buyers for these loving animals.. they will hiss, scratch, bite, claw and maw the face off of anybody bothering you if you keep them caged and only open in their direction.. if i choose your comment as best i will even give a free cat toy and bag of cat food free!!!!..by the way if you are able to or know somebody who can tame or train cats to not do certain things..that would be good coz all these lil bastards do is make my dogs get all jumpy and spray my porch… hell i gotta go out the bakc door because the front porch smells like cat piss. and it’s nasty, my wife has called the animal controll many times and all they do is come out and leave.. appaently the crazy cat lady is a freind of theirs…oh well, they gotta go somehow so if you cna catch one i’ll give $ 5.00 and u cna keep it.. sound like a good deal?

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